Complete Call Center with predictive dialing and WebRTC Agent panel

Call4Smile includes complete call center functionalities and can be integrated to work with any third party CRM systems to automate the business process, built-in WebRTC webphone with interactive campaigns have all the ingredients of a advance call center solution.

Real time Campaign reporting

Call4Smile autodialer includes complete and advances call center functionalities such as power dialer, predictive dialer, press 1 dialer, Robo dialer, dynamic dialer modes. This Autodialer software fulfills outbound call center functionality very well.


ICTBroadcast does support a verity of outbound campaigns like press 1 campaigns, survey campaign, appointment reminder campaign, Custom campaign, Subscription campaign, Agent campaign with an option to forward calls of potentials customers to queues, and to live agents for further support. Following is a list of features that ICTBroadcast call center module supports


ICTBroadcast does support predictive dialer mode of dialing, It intelligently predicts the number of calls to generate based on ACD, ASR and other parameters

[WebRTC softphone](/Agente-WebRTC)

ICTBroadcast offers integrated webphone for agents. Not only can it receive forwarded calls, but it also enables agents to perform the following actions. Load contact details from CRM as popup / CRM Load campaign Dialogues / script for personalized communications Call Transfer


WebRTC Agent Panel