Welcome to Call4Smile's Support section. Here, you'll find all kinds of useful information on how to use our broadcasting services, presented in various formats, such as written documentation, video tutorials and frequently asked questions (FAQs). Please take a look around!

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You may work for a company consisting of hundreds or even thousands of employees or you may work for yourself. We think you'll find Call4Smile to be exactly what your business needs to reach to the next level.

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Help Documents

You may already be a user of Call4Smile or like the majority of Call4Smile's customers, you may be a complete newcomer to these technologies. In either case, this help section is for you to know and understand the working of Call4Smile services.

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Video Tutorials

This section contains video tutorials for some of the most frequently used Call4Smile Service portal features. These tutorials are prepared such that the new comers as well as experienced customers can benefit from these.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may arise while using Call4Smile.

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