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You may work for a company consisting of hundreds or even thousands of employees or you may work for yourself. We think you'll find Call4Smile to be exactly what your business needs to reach to the next level.

Getting Started with Call4Smile is so easy. Follow the given steps and start broadcasting.

Sign up for free account

To use any of Call4Smile services, you must have a Call4Smile account. This will allow you to access Service portal dashboard, from where you can create campaigns, upload contact lists, and view reports and statistics.

Creating an account is simple and free. Just click on the Sign up and fill the form. After filling and submitting sign up form, you'll receive an email at your provided email address and an SMS at your provided mobile number. This email will contain your login information for the Service portal and SMS will contain an activation number that will be required for first time login at the Service portal. 

Once you create an account and log in, you can choose to topup your account, but are not required to.

Topup your account

Whenever you are logged in, you can view your balance in the Service portal -> Account. Once you have created your campaigns, you will need funds to actually run them. Following instructions will tell you how to add funds to your Call4Smile account.

  1. Go to Packages menu and click any of the topup amount under SmileBroadcast heading.
  2. This will redirect you to our billing system and add your chosen amount in the shopping cart.
  3. New customers fill in credit card information, click the checkbox next to the terms of service, and click the Complete Order button. Existing customers can just provide email address and password only.
  4. System will also ask your login information of Service portal to add your topup amount to your account.
  5. You should see your new balance in the Service portal -> Account menu.

Prepare contact list

Contact list will contain phone numbers and optionally personal details of your customer / clients / potential clients / staff etc. Once you have registered and logged in at Service portal, you can now move on to prepare your contact list. Preparing contact list is very easy. Just navigate to Service Portal -> Contacts menu and start adding groups and contacts. 

Create contact group: Contact group acts a container for contacts of a particular domain. Campaigns in Call4Smile dials contacts from a particular contact group that is selected at the time of campaign creation.

Filling contact in a contact group: There are 2 different ways to add contact. First, Add new contact one by one from new contact form. Second is bulk import.

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Prepare voice recording

Voice recordings are the recorded messages that you want to broadcast to your contact list. Recording list can contain messages, survey questions, introductory message etc. Call4Smile also provides user with a feature to play the sound that user uploaded.

If you don't have recording files. Don't worry, Call4Smile also provides TTS (text-to-speech) feature as well as recording through phone call.

Relevant FAQs:
How to prepare voice recording?

Create campaign and start broadcasting

This is the final step to broadcast your message to the world! To create a voice broadcasting campaign:

  1. Click on "Campaign" menu in Service portal
  2. Select the type of campaign (e.g. [Voice] Message Campaign)
  3. Give some name to this campaign, select Contact group, select Message recording
  4. Optionally configure other features, settings, scheduling for this campaign (If you don't know, just leave as it is)
  5. Click Save on top of the form to start campaign!