Call4Smile, the cloud based SMS ,Fax and Voice broadcasting service platform

Call4Smile is a unified communications broadcasting and call center platform, Call4Smile features autodialer, predictive dialer and power dialer dialing modes, It features Simple Voice broadcasting, SMS Marketing, and Fax blasting, press 1 campaign, an outbound call center with WebRTC agent support, AMD, HLR, DNC suitable for small business owner and entrepreneurs. Call4Smile fits most voice broadcasting, call center, and CRM communications scenarios with real-time campaign management and live statistics and reporting.

Voice Broadcasting platform

Voice broadcasting is the more advanced and powerful approach when compared to Email, Fax, SMS or other marketing technologies, Voice broadcasting is real-time communication technology and directly engage the customer while other communications technologies do not engage customer directly and the customer may ignore these communications and telemarketing approaches. Voice broadcasting can be used in environments where a large number of people have to be contacted in a short period. Call4Smile is a voice broadcasting platform that can broadcast voice messages by creating voice message campaigns. Voice message campaign auto-dial telephone numbers that are uploaded into the contact group. When the call is answered by the recipients, it plays that message.

Fax broadcasting services

Fax broadcasting is an old method of marketing. It is a direct method of communication between the organizations. It is an easy and fast method of marketing companies, products, and services. By using a fax broadcast you can target a huge number of clients either these are local, national or international. It gives a great opportunity to connect with businesses and send documents. Advancement in technology has a great impact on the mechanism of faxing. Now fax broadcast becomes automated. No need to use the fax machine for fax sending, by using fax software you can send fax online. Online faxing is quite a simple, easy and quick way of faxing

SMS Marketing

SMS broadcasting is widely used by businesses. Statistics and facts of SMS marketing insure that mobile broadcasting is an effective way to engage clients, and gain a sufficient return on investment. Huge number of people spend their sufficient time with their cell phones. SMS broadcasting can be used in environments where a large number of people have to be contacted in a short period. SMS campaign sends text messages to phone numbers that are uploaded into the contact group. Call4Smile can send customized text messages as well. It uses tokens (variables) that are dynamically replaced with their values.

Call Center Services

Call4Smile does support a verity of outbound campaigns like press 1 campaigns, Custom IVR campaigns, Agent campaign with an option to forward calls of potentials customers to queues / live agents for further support. Call4Smile does support predictive dialer mode of dialing, It intelligently predicts the number of calls to generate based on ACD, ASR and other parameters

CRM communications services

Call4Smile offers CRM integration through WebRTC based agent panel, Agent configures and save CRM credential in agent panel providing URL of CRM too, and whenever a customer call connected with an agent, his contact information pop up before agent from CRM for further action. here you will find details

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