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Call4Smile, the cloud based SMS ,Fax and Voice broadcasting service platform

Call4Smile is a unified communications broadcasting and call center platform, Call4Smile features autodialer, predictive dialer and power dialer dialing modes, It features Simple Voice broadcasting, SMS Marketing, and Fax blasting, press 1 campaign, an outbound call center with WebRTC agent support, AMD, HLR, DNC suitable for small business owner and entrepreneurs. Call4Smile fits most voice broadcasting, call center, and CRM communications scenarios with real-time campaign management and live statistics and reporting.

Benefits Of Cloud Call Center

Call centers play important role in building long term customer relationships. Organizations deploy two kinds of Call centers. One kind is conventional call centers, they are based on premises. Another kind of call centers is clound call center. Cloud call center is also known as hosted call center and virtual call center.

SaaS Fax Blasting Solution And Their Benefits

Fax blasting is usually used to capture huge target audience. It is a good method of marketing products and services of companies. Fax broadcast is an old method of marketing, but still is, considered important weapon in the field of marketing. Bulk broadcasting allows advertisers to target maximum number of clients either these are local, national or international.

Benefits Of SaaS For Small Businesses

In the past companies purchased expensive software, hardware, build and maintain their IT infrastructures itself. At that time there was no concept of Software As a Service (SaaS) and hosted solutions. Now the world becomes faster. Technological changes have great impacts on the way of doing business. SaaS for small businesses brings a number of opportunities.