SaaS Fax Blasting Solution And Their Benefits

SaaS Fax Blasting Solution And Their Benefits

Fax blasting is usually used to capture huge target audience. It is a good method of marketing products and services of companies. Fax broadcast is an old method of marketing, but still is, considered important weapon in the field of marketing. Bulk broadcasting allows advertisers to target maximum number of clients either these are local, national or international.

Many of the Software As a Service (SaaS) platform available for bulk fax broadcasting. Some SaaS platform like Call4smile allow you to blast thousand of fax messages in a short time period. Fax SaaS platform is a ready to eat solution. No need to purchase fax software, hardware and termination account, all these things are offered SaaS provider.

Some of the advance fax blasting solutions like Call4Smile allow you to track the campaign statistics. It provides users the real time statistics of fax campaign. You can watch the campaign result in term of how many faxes are answered, failed, busy, pending, digestion etc. Fax broadcast provide comprehensive fax report.

SaaS fax solutions are web based. SaaS platforms provide a number of benefits as compared to purchase own fax software solution. Let's see some of these benefits.

Benefits Of Fax Blasting


SaaS bulk fax broadcasting is a cost effective method of marketing. It saves your software, hardware and maintenance cost. It is an inexpensive way of marketing as compare to voice broadcasting, billboard advertisement, banner advertisement, etc. Most of the SaaS fax platform like Call4smile charge just a few cents per page.

Easy To Manage

SaaS bulk faxing is marketing automation solution. It gets ride from tired manual work of fax broadcasting. Fax broadcasting platform is easy to send and manage bulk faxes through SaaS solution. You just need to upload your fax number and document and run a simple fax campaign, it automatically reached two thousand of numbers at a time.


The SaaS fax solution is flexible. Because they are hosted in the cloud and allow the freedom to access SaaS applications from any remote location. You can access these through mobiles, tabs and laptops from any remote location.